How To Raise A Feminine Daughter

With all the glass ceilings that are constantly being broken, today’s world is a wonderful place for little girls to grow up in. Yet it seems that many women are sacrificing their femininity at the cost of those glass ceilings being broken. As a parent, you want the best for your daughter. That means raising her in a way that allows her to be successful and independent, but feminine as well. Women don’t need to act or look like men to be successful.

pink strollers

Encourage feminine behaviours in her from a young age. You can influence this by buying her traditionally feminine items. Everything from pink strollers to baby dolls can influence your daughter to develop a taste for feminine items. Encourage her nurturing side by teaching her how to handle a baby with her toys and allow her to play mommy and ‘cook’ meals (mud pies or simple sandwiches, depending on her age). Teach her that she can be anything she wants to be and that includes being a mommy one day.

Many women who choose their families over their careers often feel ashamed since it is looked down upon in modern society for women not to support themselves and let their husbands be the breadwinners. You don’t want your daughter to struggle with this. It’s important to encourage her in everything she does and if that involves a corporate job or staying at home and being a house wife, you should let her know that you’ll love her in both cases.

As she enters her teenage years, teach her that being feminine does not mean being vulgar. It may seem old fashioned, but teaching your daughter modesty and the importance of saving herself for the right person will help her be a well-balanced adult. Pink strollers and lots of love will help you to raise a beautifully feminine daughter.