Searching for the versatile actress that memorizes the Anne of Green Gables DVD box set

The collaborators of the latest incarnation of the classic Anne of Green Gables tale knew from day one that they would need a versatile actress who could replicate all the charming and enduring characteristics and personality traits of the much loved Canadian heroine. Those on the outside would not have guessed that this classic tale stems from Canada unless they read the original story. But the Canadian writers, producers and director who have contributed towards putting together this Anne of Green Gables DVD box set have, quite possibly a dozen times over.

In their line of work, they would have to in order to produce award-winning work. Sometimes, talented creative writers and producers can go through an original text just once and come up with the perfect inter-text or adaptation, but that is a rare case. But in this case, these inherently Canadian writers, producers and its director went all sentimental in their search for the perfectly versatile actress that would take on the long-playing role of one and famous Anne of Green Gables.

Anne of Green Gables DVD box set

They decided that seeing as though the series was going to be filmed at or near the original setting of the famous Canadian Green Gables setting, they may as well go with a Canadian actress. But it ended up being the director’s prerogative to go with an American actress. It is not so much the fact that she is American, or even British, the fact remains that, with a case of being at the right place at the right time, it is necessary to cast someone who is, at that time, perfect for the main role, not just in acting abilities, but in looks and charms as well, and as the case would be for this enduring Canadian treasure, one Anne of Green Gables.

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